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The Blue Jay Restaurant Food Delivery

Empower Your Restaurant with Ring A Meal Online Ordering and Delivery Management System

Restaurant Management

  • Caller ID Display & Server Tips Tracking
  • Useful Detailed Reports and much more
  • Multiple Printer Capability i.e. Kitchen or bar printer
  • No Fee Gift Card & Customer Rewards Program

Online Ordering

  • Commision-Free Online order integraded with Ring A Meal app
  • Customer in-app notification of order received, order ready and pick-up completed
  • Order from restaurant webpage, Facebook Page, and Ring A Meal App

Delivery Management

  • Automated route planning provides detailed directions, maximizing driver efficiency and getting food to customers in a timely manner.
  • Customer in-app notification of order received, order, pick-up by driver and when driver near delivery point.
  • Customer in-app real time tracking delivery route and delivery drive location.

Flexible Payment

  • Secure EMV Ready Payment Integration
  • All transaction payments are paid to restaurant directly with cash or settlement with restaurant's own merchant account
  • Ability to accept credit card payments during offline mode.